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- Can I sharpen the cushion blade on any sharpening machine?
Yes, the cushion blade can be sharpened on any machine using a standard blade holder/jig.

- Will the cushion blade fit on any figure skating boots?
Yes, the cushion blade fits on any figure skating boots. The frame is of universal size that fits boots sizes 225 to 300 (Edea size) or 1.5 to 9.5 (Jackson size).

- What size should I order?
Choose the size of the blade-runner based on the size of your current boots and the recommendation of the boot manufacturer.

- What shock-absorber stiffness should I choose?
We recommend the stiffness of the shock-absorbers according to your weight. We offer three different stiffnesses:
• Soft for skaters 30 to 50 kg (66 to 110 lbs)
• Medium for skaters 50 to 65 kg (110 to 143 lbs)
• Stiff for skaters 65 to 85 kg (143 to 187 lbs)

- Does the blade actually cushion the landing?
Absolutely, our cushion blade is revolutionary – the world's first and only to effectively mitigate landing impacts by a notable 10-15%. This isn't just a marketing statement; the functionality of our blade is rigorously verified and the outcomes are transparently accessible. Our comprehensive research spanned over five years and the conclusive results have been featured in the esteemed scientific journal Sports Biomechanics.

- Will the cushion blade affect my performance?
No worries, the blade won't affect your performance. You'll maintain the same speed, take-off, and jump heights as with regular blades.

- How is the cushion blade reusable?
Our cushion blade is designed with modularity in mind. It consists of key components: the frame (attached to the boot), blade-runner (attached to the frame), pins (securing the blade-runner), and elastic shock-absorbers that absorb landing impacts. This means that you can reuse the frame, pins, and shock-absorbers if you change your boot size, as these components fit universally for boots ranging from 1.5 to 9.5 (English size), Edea sizes 225 to 300, Jackson sizes 1.5 to 9.5 (men) or size 3 and above (ladies). Once you have the frame and shock-absorbers, simply purchase only the blade-runner that matches your new boot size. Our blade-runner sizes range from 8.5 to 11. This reusability and universal fit save you money and contribute to environmental sustainability, as you won't need to purchase an entire set each time.

- How long will the shock-absorbers last?
The durability of the shock-absorbers depends on how often you train, your skill level, and the number of jumps you do. Just like with running shoes that need replacing after a certain distance, we recommend changing the shock-absorbers based on your skill level: once a year for elite and advanced skaters, every year and a half for intermediate skaters, and every two years for beginners.

- Can the cushion blade be used by anyone?
Absolutely, the cushion blade is designed for injury prevention and is suitable for all ice skaters, whether you're just starting out or performing single, double, triple, or quadruple jumps.

- Can the cushion blade be used on competitions?
Absolutely, the cushion blade is in line with all the technical rules for skating gear and can be used in competitions. Our main focus is on preventing injuries, not making skaters perform better. We've also got scientific research to support this.

- How do I mount the cushion blade to my boots?
Mounting the cushion blade to your boots is just like mounting a regular figure skating blade. Simply follow the instructions in our video or graphics. You'll also find a note with a QR code that leads to instructions for mounting and assembly. For the best results, we recommend having a professional skating technician handle the mounting process.

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