Easy to mount.

Download our graphic instructions or follow
the four-steps mounting instructions below.
We recommend having a professional
skating technician handle the mounting process.

1. Position the Blade (2 min)

2. Mount the Blade (10 min)

3. Activate the Cushioning (1 min)

4. Secure the Shock-Absorbers (1 min)

Securing the Shock-Absorbers

Take care of your Blade

  • Always use guards off the ice, and dry your blades after use.
  • Check the blades occasionally, including the screws, pins, and shock absorbers.
  • Do not expose the shock absorbers to direct sunlight.

How to replace blade-runner
or schock-absorbers

1. Position the Screw inside the Pins (1 min)

2. Push out the Pins (1 min)

3. Change the parts (1 min)

4. Secure the Blade-Runner (1 - 3 min)